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Weekly Real Estate Updates (2022 June 20 – June 26)

Posted by alvintay on June 29, 2022
Hot News Of The Week
  • Wealthy Chinese setting up family offices in Singapore see it as springboard to ASEAN | 中国富豪在新加坡设立家族办公室视其为进军东盟的跳板
  • Singapore ranks third in attracting world’s rich | 新加坡在吸引世界富豪方面排名第三

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  • How possible recession could affect property prices: Property prices are expected to remain on a growth path in 2022. Elevated construction costs will result in higher selling prices. Should prices turn south, past experiences have shown that the recovery is sharp and swift | 经济衰退对房地产价格的影响:预计房地产价格将在 2022年保持增长。建筑成本上升将导致销售价格上涨。如果价格转向南方,过去的经验表明,复苏是迅速的

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New Launch Promo

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  • Last 8 units at Woodleigh Residences – price up on 1 July |《Woodleigh Residences》 最后 8 个单位 – 7月1日涨价
Woodleigh Residences

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  • Midtown Bay – prices will increase by up to 7% on 1 July |《Midtown Bay》– 7月1日价格将上涨高达7%
  • Normanton Park – price up 2% on 1 July. Now from only $1845psf |《Normanton Park》 价格在 7月1日上涨2%。 现在一尺只从 $1845

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Resale Property Showcase
  • $750K Rare Executive Apartment (EA) Mid floor Corner unit, 1517 sqft 4 bedroom with storeroom and yard, quiet facing at Jalan Teck Whye – 4-minute walk to Phoenix LRT station / 7-minute walk to Bukit Panjang MRT | $75万元稀有行政组屋 (EA) 中层转角单元,1517 平方英尺 4间卧室,带储藏室和院子,位于 《Jalan Teck Whye》 安静的面朝 –步行4分钟到《凤凰》轻轨站 / 步行7分钟到《武吉班让》地铁站

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  • Contact me to buy, sell or rent resale property | 联系我关于购买、出售或出租转售房产
OVerseas Investment Property Showcase
  • Freehold luxury condo in Bangkok CBD. Near to the Singapore embassy, 125 Sathorn is in a prestigious address |位于曼谷金融区的永久业权豪华公寓。靠近新加坡大使馆的 《125 Sathorn》是一个备受追捧的黄金地段

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