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The Art and Science of Design by Big. BIG的非凡设计 交织艺术与科学

Posted by alvintay on October 19, 2021

From the biggest challenge comes the greatest potential. Renowned architecture firm BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group never shies away from a challenge, with a bold design approach that places each project’s key criteria above any aesthetic or stylistic prejudice. The philosophy of information-driven design has been the studio’s main driving force, achieved by examining parameters of everything from culture and climate, to the dynamic changes of contemporary life and the global economy. BIG defines architecture as the art and science of building cities and landmarks that fit the way we want to live, rather than the other way round.

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最优的潜力来自最大的挑战。著名建筑事务所 BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group 敢于接受挑战,采用前卫大胆的设计手法,在审美及设计风格之余更强调每个项目的关键指标。 以信息带动设计一直是 BIG 工作室的主要驱动力,通过收集文化特征、气候变化、当代生活及全球经济动态等种种信息,BIG 实现一个又一个让全球刮目相看的设计理念。BIG 给予建筑学的定义:建筑学是建造城市及地标的艺术与科学,必须能顺应我们想要的生活方式,而不是反向而行。

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Founded by visionary architect Bjarke Ingels, BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group is one of the world’s most boundary-pushing studios in redefining the urban landscape.

Based in Copenhagen, New York, London, Barcelona, and Shenzhen, BIG brings together architects, designers, urbanists, landscape professionals, interior and product designers, researchers, and inventors from all over the world to promote cultural exchange as design wealth.

The studio’s design stamp can be seen through iconic landmarks, located all over the world. They each share a unique view on innovative theories about contemporary society and lifestyles, and present new forms of architectural and urban organisation.

Steering away from boring boxes, BIG creates designs that are as programmatically and technically innovative as they are cost and resource conscious.

Through an alchemy of conventional considerations such as living, leisure, working, and shopping, with bold plans to help redesign the planet for a more sustainable future, BIG revolutionises architecture to better fit contemporary life forms.

It’s little wonder that their multi-dimensional approach has garnered international recognition for their award-winning portfolio. Their recent accolades include Fast Company’s Design Company of the Year Award, Honourable Mention, 2020; German Sustainability Award, 2019; UniCredit’s Architecture Prize, 2018; and BUILD Design & Build Awards, Recognized Leaders in Architecture and Design, 2021 to name just a few.

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BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group 由富有卓识远见的建筑师 Bjarke Ingels 创立,是全球在重新诠释城市景观方面最为前卫的工作室之一。


一座座打着BIG 工作室印记的标志性建筑遍布全球各地。每一座不但展现了对当代社会及生活方式的独特创新视角,也呈现了建筑与城市结构的新形式。

BIG 打破常规,创造出既具有成本及资源效益,又富有革新意义的设计。

通过融合生活、休闲、工作与购物等传统考量因素,并配合协助改造地球以实现更可持续未来的大胆计划,BIG 彻底改变了建筑学,让它更好地融入当代生活形式。

凭借其多维度设计手法,BIG 屡获殊荣的作品组合在国际上获得认可。他们新添的荣誉包括2020 年Fast Company 年度设计公司奖(荣誉奖); 2019 年德国可持续发展奖; 2018 年 UniCredit 建筑学奖;以及2021 年BUILD 设计与建造奖的建筑与设计界公认领袖等等,不计其数。

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Canning Hill Piers


True to their design ethos, BIG is set to create waves once again with a stunning new project on the bank of the legendary Singapore River – CanningHill Piers.

As the centrepiece of the rejuvenated Singapore River, CanningHill Piers is poised to be an iconic integrated development that epitomises what riverside city living is all about. It comprises two towers of luxury residences, a new concept hotel, serviced residence and CanningHill Square, featuring F&B and retail shops.

With rare dual frontage of both Singapore River and Fort Canning Hill, its unique location affords residents stunning views of the Central Business District and Marina Bay Financial District, a riverside promenade, access to two MRT lines at Fort Canning and Clarke Quay MRT Stations, and easy connectivity to the historic Fort Canning Park.

The striking facade of CanningHill Piers is artistically draped in an iconic geometric lattice that unifies the various components of the development, with a sculptural form that responds to the functional requirements of the development.

Akin to the lifting of a veil, the continuous drape is cheekily raised at recreational levels to reveal the social life of the towers to the city – and for residents to enjoy the panoramic views of the city, river and hill.

In a nostalgic nod to Singapore River and its historical bridges (but with a contemporary twist), a spectacular sky bridge connects the two residential towers on Level 24, providing inspired amenity spaces for residents, while opening up to unparalleled views.

Drawing inspiration from the verdant Fort Canning Hill, lush green sky terraces and a myriad of amenities will also be introduced at various heights to create inviting social spaces for the residents to enjoy.

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秉承独有的设计理念,BIG 将在新加坡河畔打造的新项目 – 康宁河湾(CanningHill Piers),势必为这条富有传奇色彩的母亲河掀起新的波澜!

康宁河湾将以标志性大师级综合体项目登场!它由两座豪华公寓塔楼、一座新概念酒店、酒店式公寓及以餐饮与零售为特色的康宁坊(CanningHill Square)组成,不但将体现河滨城市生活的全方位理念,也将为新加坡河注入新活力!


康宁河湾的设计灵感取自几何格子结构。艺术美感与实用理念融为一体,塑造成独具一格的视觉效果。远眺,如罩薄纱,超凡脱俗。近观,薄纱掀起,豁然开朗 – 精彩休闲生活显露无遗,城市河流山林尽收眼底。

这里将出现一座壮观的天际观景桥,连接两座公寓塔楼的第 24 层,与新加坡河及其历史性但富现代感的桥梁共创新景观。这座天际观景桥不但创造了具有启发性的舒适空间,也开阔了无可匹比的新视野。


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From the little red dot that is Singapore to a big open canvas across the world, the internationally lauded portfolio of BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group is as diverse and fascinating as their awe-inspiring design philosophy. Let’s marvel at three of their notable works that have captured the hearts and imagination of the world.


从新加坡这个小红点到世界各地的巨大画布,BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group 用它迷人的彩笔,挥洒出多姿多彩、享誉国际的作品,设计理念无不令人惊叹。这里介绍 BIG的三部俘获人心与想象力的世界名作。

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While BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group continues to put their signature design stamp all around the globe, the world will keep watching keenly. With all eyes on the highly-anticipated CanningHill Piers, BIG will once again set a new paradigm of city living with this awe-inspiring work of art and science that will be a catalyst for change, rejuvenating the historic Singapore River district.


BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group 继续在全球打上他们的标志性设计印记,而世界也继续密切关注 BIG 的新作。备受期待的康宁河湾,将让BIG再次树立新的城市生活标杆。这部令人惊叹的艺术与科学交织的作品将成为变革的催化剂,让历史悠久的新加坡河区焕发活力与魅力!

(Extracted from Capitaland)

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