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Sunset’s quiet charm still shining brightly

Posted by alvintay on April 3, 2020
Sunset way

Sunset Way has not changed much – and that’s why many like it

Change, does not come often in this neighbourhood on the west side of Singapore named after the fading rays of the sun, likely named in 1968 because the area commands a panoramic view of the setting sun

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Sunset Way, the only road into the residential neighbourhood of housing blocks and landed homes, is located off Clementi Road, a threelane road with seven bus services, although none go into Sunset Way.

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Ki Residences is located within the Sunset Way enclave designated for two-storey bungalows and private residential developments.

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Said one of the resident of the area: “It’s a family type of place and people are friendly and we like it because it is very green and quiet and the air is quite clean.”

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The area sees minimal road traffic as there is no reason for outsiders to flock to the area, apart from visiting friends.

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Another Resident, sums up the neighbourhood where he has lived for three years: “It is not that glamorous that anyone would come here from other parts of Singapore. It’s pretty uncommercialised and that’s what we like about it.”

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