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Stay Informed and Uplifted: 8 Singapore WhatsApp Channels to Follow for Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle & Property Deals

Posted by alvintay on August 22, 2023
Whatsapp Channel New

Navigating the landscape of emerging social media platforms has become quite the adventure lately. First, we had Lemon8, then Threads stepped onto the scene. And now, making its entrance, is WhatsApp Channels.

WhatsApp Channels introduces a fresh take on broadcasting – a concept akin to Telegram Channels – which was unveiled this past June. This novel feature enables users to track updates from publications, businesses, and governmental bodies. However, the shroud of secrecy surrounding it persists due to its current status in the soft launch phase, a testing period presently limited to Singapore and Colombia.

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WHat to do whatsapp channel

Curious about how to dive into this intriguing addition? The process is uncomplicated. When you open the app, navigate to the “Updates” tab. Once there, tap the “Find Channels” button or the “+” icon situated at the upper right-hand corner of your screen. From this point, your next steps involve a search for the desired channel, a click on the follow button, and voila!

Since this feature is freshly minted, discovering businesses and publications to follow might prove a bit challenging. To assist you, we’ve compiled a selection of Singapore-based entities worth following. Access them through the provided links below:

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1. SG Budget Babes

Budget Babes Whatsapp Chat
Budget Babes Whatsapp Chat

Embrace an Affordable Lifestyle with SG Budget Babes: Daily Beauty and Fashion Deals to Elevate Your Self-Care Routine.

Join SG Budget Babes on WhatsApp.

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2. SG PropertyFactSheet : Deals and News

PropertyFactSheet Whatsapp channel
PropertyFactSheet Whatsapp channel

Whether you’re looking for property in Singapore, United Kingdom, Australia, Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia, PropertyFactSheet.Com shared “Deals and News” to help you find your dream house.

Join SG PropertyFactSheet : Deals and News on Whatsapp.

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3. Zula – Exploring Women-Centric Views and Beauty Insights

Zula Whatsapp Channel New
Zula Whatsapp Channel New

Dive into Empowering and Relatable Stories from Everyday Singaporean Women with Zula: Unveiling Women’s Empowerment, Beauty Wisdom, and Trendy Shopping Destinations

Join Zula on Whatsapp

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4. TheSmartLocal


From Culture to Events: Your Ultimate Lifestyle and Travel Guide by TheSmartLocal. Perfect for Planning Exciting Girl Gang Outings, Get Ready for Updates on Promos and Offers Across Our Island!

Join TheSmartLocal on Whatsapp.

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5. Eatbook – All-in-one resource for foodies in SG

Eatbook Whatsapp Channel New
Eatbook Whatsapp Channel New

Two Kinds of Souls: Those Who Eat to Live, and Foodies Who Live to Eat. If You’re the Latter, Make Sure to Add Eatbook to Your Arsenal. Stay Ahead by Following Their Channel for Insider Scoops on Instagrammable Cafes, Hidden Hawker Gems, and Mouthwatering Food Deals.

Join Eatbook Whatsapp Channel

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6. Must Share News – Current affairs for the younger generation 

MS News Whatsapp Channel
MS News Whatsapp Channel

Whether you seek news updates, in-depth explorations, or a dose of side-splitting memes related to Singapore’s current affairs, consider this your ultimate go-to source.

Join MustshareNews Whatsapp.

7. SG Weekend Plans – Ideas for what to do during your free time 

SGweekendplan Whatsapp Channel
SGweekendplan Whatsapp Channel

The notion of “Singapore is boring” is a sentiment rarely echoed, especially among those who keep up with SG Weekend Plans. With insights ranging from complimentary concerts to the latest scoop on newly minted shopping destinations, this channel guarantees your weekends won’t be confined to home-bound Netflix sessions.

Join SG Weekend Plans Whatsapp.

8. SG Food Deals – Promotions

Fooddeals Whatsapp
Fooddeals Whatsapp

Indulging in food deals is undoubtedly a treasure, and over at SG Food Deals’ channel, you can savor to your heart’s content without draining your wallet. With offers like 1-for-1 burgers, consider them enthusiastically on board!

Join SG Food Deals Whatsapp.

Stay in the Loop with These WhatsApp Channels for the Latest Trends and Deals

Say Goodbye to Endless Searches: Let These Comprehensive WhatsApp Channels Keep You Abreast of the Latest Deals and Most Engaging Events Happening in Singapore.

In the dynamic landscape of deals, trends, and events, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the constant stream of information. That’s where these curated WhatsApp channels come to your rescue. Imagine having a reliable source at your fingertips that sifts through the noise, presenting you with the freshest deals and the most captivating events Singapore has to offer.

Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast hunting for exclusive discounts, a foodie in pursuit of irresistible culinary experiences, or an adventure seeker looking for the next thrilling event, these channels have got you covered. From 1-for-1 deals to unique happenings around the city, each channel is tailored to cater to your diverse interests and keep you informed in real-time.

The beauty of these WhatsApp channels lies in their ability to transform your daily routine. No more endless scrolling, no more FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Instead, you’ll have a curated selection delivered straight to your device. With just a tap, you can unlock a world of possibilities and plan your days with ease.

So, whether you’re a savvy shopper, a culture enthusiast, or simply someone who loves staying in the loop, these WhatsApp channels are your ultimate companions. Join the community of informed explorers who know where to find the hidden gems, the unbeatable deals, and the most exciting events. Embrace a more connected and effortless way of experiencing Singapore’s vibrant scene with these invaluable channels by your side

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