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Sembawang Canberra too far north, Can property here make money ?

Posted by alvintay on October 21, 2021

When I spoke with my family, friends and Clients about Canberra. They will usually returned with a puzzled look and then either said “Where is it ah ? or “It is too far north, I don’t think I will stay there”

It is not surprising if there are not many people who know where Canberra is in Singapore or think that it is in a very far away place. This is so as it is a relatively new town in Singapore, with its first condo development completed in 2013 and its first HDB flat completed in 2016.

So can the private condos here make money?

To understand Canberra, lets look back to its history.

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Sembawang (& Canberra) 100 Years of Maritime History

Sembawang Roads is one of the key roads built to connect the naval base to the city centre in the South. This road began as a track in the 1920s and was officially named Sembawang Road in 1938. Buses operated by various private companies were then the main mode of transport. The thoroughfare was also dotted with many villages along its length: Chye Kay Village, Sungei Simpang Village, Chong Pang Village, Sembawang Village. Most of these villages were cleared during the 1970s~1990s to make way for Yishun and Sembawang New Towns. The last of the villages, Kampong Wak Hassan, was cleared in 1998. Present day Sembawang Roads a major arterial road linking the Northern and Central portion of Singapore.

Many roads in Sembawang are named after various Royal Navy dockyards, warships, admirals, countries and cities. Examples include Wellington, Canberra, Canada, Gibraltar, Kenya and Falkland. These names reflect the town’s history as a British naval base.

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25 Years in the Making : The Modern Sembawang & Canberra

The planning of Sembawang New Town started in 1996 where the Woodlands MRT Extension was opened, and Sembawang MRT station was also opened at the same time. When the station was opened, the area was undeveloped except the Canberra Road and the then-developing Sembawang New Town. This was resolved in 1998 because of the accelerating development of Sembawang New Town, which was completed in 2004.

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Sembawang Integrated Hub to be called Bukit Canberra

The upcoming Sembawang sport and community hub set to open progressively from 2020 will be called Bukit Canberra, announced Sport Singapore on Sunday (Jul 1 2018) at the groundbreaking ceremony.

The 12-hectare space – first announced in 2016 – will provide amenities such as a hawker centre, indoor and outdoor sport facilities, a polyclinic, a senior care centre, green spaces for community farming and lifestyle related amenities for the community. It is located about five minutes from Sembawang MAT station.

Bukit Canberra will also see the largest ActiveSG gym with indoor and outdoor pools. There will also be 3km of running trails as well as a fruit orchard and healthcare options such as a polyclinic and senior care centre.

And to help visitors learn more about the area’s past, heritage story boards will be set up around Bukit Canberra detailing the area as a former naval base, and its historic structures including the Former Admiralty House that used to accommodate key military commanders based in Singapore.

“Bukit Canberra is both a historical treasure and the brainchild of our residents. We have been engaging Sembawang residents since 2016 to co-create a vibrant gathering place for our residents and families.

“The general consensus was to conserve the greenery as much as possible, and at the same time put in place useful facilities that the community finds most useful,” Mr Ong Ye Kung said.

Bukit Canberra will have facilities by Sport Singapore, Ministry of Health, National Healthcare Group Polyclinics, National Environment Agency, National Parks Board and have inputs from the National Heritage Board.

Certain parts of the hub such as the hawker centre and swimming pool were originally set to open later this year but had to be pushed back to develop the project fully.

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