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Posted by alvintay on October 22, 2021
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Questions : What is Prime Location Public Housing (PLH) Model ?
Answer : On 27th Oct 2021, HDB announced that buyers of future Housing Board (HDB) flats in certain locations will be subject to tighter buying and selling conditions under a new prime location public housing (PLH) model. Read More Here


Questions : Can a Seller/Buyer in Overseas still proceed to Sell/Buy a HDB ?
Answer : Yes, If you are overseas, you can prepare a Power of Attorney (Estimated S$300) to appoint another person to act on your behalf to issue OTP or attend the resale completion. Certified true copies of the Power of Attorney have to be submitted to HDB before the appointment.

Questions : I have issue Option for my private property but buyer yet to exercise. Can I proceed to buy Resale HDB without Grant ?
Answer : Yes, as long as it was dispose before or within 6 months of the resale flat purchase.

Questions : HDB Informed that HLE has been approved. However, i have decided to go for Bank Loan. Should i informed HDB ?
Answer : No Need.

Questions : Can you leave “The Schedule on the Movable property, Fittings and other items” in the HDB Prescribed Option to Purchase Form empty (not filled)?
Answer : Yes.


Questions : Can I (Singapore Citizen) Buy HDB as a Single?
Answer : Yes Under Single Scheme, so long you are at least 35 years old, you can buy a 2-room Flexi BTO flat in a non-mature estate or a resale HDB flat.

Questions: Can Divorced (Singapore Citizen or PR) + Children (Singapore Citizen or PR) buy Resale HDB ?
Answer : Yes, Under Public Scheme, The children is under legal custody, care and control.

Questions: Can Single, UnMarried above 21 buy New/Resale HDB ?
Answer : It is possible subjected to special case approval by HDB, HDB will exercise flexibility in allowing unmarried parents aged 21 and above to buy up to a 3-room flat in a non-mature estate from HDB, or a resale flat. This was announced on Wednesday (Mar 4) 2020.

Questions: Can 2 Sibling PR buy Resale HDB Together ?
Answer : No


Questions : A Singaporean couple is planning to buy their first resale flat. The husband has been working continuously with an average gross monthly income of $2,300 for the last 12 months with an overtime payout of $1,000. The wife worked for the last 3 months with an average gross monthly income of $2,100.
a) What is the couple’s average gross monthly household income?
b) What is the amount of EHG that they would qualify for?
Answer :
a) $2,300 + $2,100 = $4,400 (overtime payout is not included for credit assessment)
b) Based on the Enhanced CPF Housing Grant (EHG) Table, if income between $4,100-$4,500, the EHG will be $50K

Questions : Is it always good to apply for Grant when purchase a resale HDB ?
Answer : Not Necessary, as if you were to apply for BTO/EC, you will have to pay Resale Levy and will be consider as 2nd Timer. Assuming if you get a 4 Room Flat with a grant of $30k. If you decides to apply for BTO/EC, your resale levy for your 4 Room Flat will be $40k. Is it worth it ?


Questions : What is the Cooling Measure that was released on 15/12/2021 that will affect buying HDB ?

Answer : Reduced Loan-to-Value (LTV) limit for HDB-granted Loans from 90% to 85%. It reduces the maximum amount potential homebuyers can borrow from HDB. LTV Limit for loans obtained from financial institutions to purchase HDB Flats remains unchanged at 75%.


Questions : How much would the legal Cost for Private Lawyer?

Answer : For HDB Purchase, it will be about S$1683 ~ S$2000 + GST (Inclusive of Mortgage Stamp Fee) . For HDB Sale, it will be S$1300 ~ S$1402 + GST . For Some Bank that is not under the Panelist,  there will be an additional $200 Charges. Price Estimated over here is Pure Buy/Sell (No Court Order Case) and will change from time to time. Some Law Firm which offers the services includes BR Law (96611259) and APAC Law (94517435)


Questions : Carter is a Single (Singapore Citizen) owning a Private Condo and her Boyfriend (Steve) who own a resale HDB Flat under the Single Singapore Citizen Scheme. When they get married, Would either one of them be forced to let go of their property or do they have to pay extra stamp duty ?

Answer : Since both of the properties are bought before marriage. They do not need to pay extra tax. But, after marriage, Jade will need to add her name as an occupier in the HDB Flat.

Questions : Carter is a Single (Singapore Citizen) owning a Private Condo and her Boyfriend (Steve) own a resale HDB Flat under the Single Singapore Citizen Scheme. If they wish to upgrade to a bigger Resale HDB Flat ? Would it be possible?

Answer : Both of them has to purchase together as one entity and dispose both of their properties within 6 months from key collection.

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