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A Historic Landmark. An Iconic River Destination. 见证岁月的历史地标 引领时代的河滨标志

Posted by alvintay on October 19, 2021

Where the river flows, there is always life. The story of the Singapore River is as colourful as the technicolour lights that reflect on its shimmering water surface. Today, the Singapore River bustles with the cosmopolitan lifestyle of a modern metropolitan city. Buzzing bars, pubs and clubs are favourite stomping grounds for those in search for an unforgettable night. Flavours from all around the world tempt food lovers at every turn of the corner, thanks to a global dining riverside scene. Take a walk down memory lane, and one will learn how this iconic river made Singapore the global city it is today.

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The history of Singapore is inextricably linked to that of the Singapore River.

From the moment Sir Stamford Raffles stepped foot at its mouth, the British transformed a small fishing village and settlement into a free trading port and changed the fortune of Singapore forever.

Along its banks, immigrants from China, India and other nearby countries flocked here in search of a better fortune. Built in 1823, Boat Quay served as a commercial centre for barges to transport goods upstream to the warehouses at Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay along the Singapore River. Commerce and trading flourished along the jetties and piers, paving the way for greater financial success.

In 1977, an ambitious project to clean up the Singapore River gave the river a much-needed makeover and 10 years later, schools of fish have returned to its waters.

The result was a clean and sparkling river, flanked by a 6km promenade and river wall. Even the old quays and warehouses were metamorphosed into entertainment and retail zones, offering a multi-sensory lifestyle experience that continues to beckon even till today, transforming the Singapore River precinct into an exciting waterfront lifestyle destination.

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当年史丹福 • 莱佛士爵士在新加坡河口登陆的那一刻,就注定了新加坡的未来。英国人将这个只是小渔村的殖民地变成自由贸易港,永远改变了新加坡的命运。

河的两岸聚集了来自中国、印度及其他邻近国家的移民。他们离乡背井,全为了寻找更好的出路。建于1823年的驳船码头是当年的驳船商务中心。从这里,驳船将货物运送到沿岸另两个码头 -克拉码头及罗伯逊码头的仓库。码头业务促进了岸边商业及贸易的蓬勃发展,为新加坡日后的经济成长铺平道路。


翻新后的新加坡河,两侧是6公里长的河畔步道与河墙。昔日的码头与仓库被改建成了娱乐及零售区,提供多感官生活方式体验。今天,新加坡河区越 越发多姿多彩,并成为人们向往的河滨生活目的地。

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Canning Hill Piers

A New Riverside Lifestyle

The centrepiece of the rejuvenated Singapore River will soon be unveiled with the launch of CanningHill Piers.

Designed by world-renowned BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group architecture practice, CanningHill Piers is primely located on the site of the former Liang Court next to the vibrant Clarke Quay. This highly anticipated redevelopment will be reborn as an iconic integrated development, which will set new standards in riverfront living. Comprising two towers of luxury residences, a new concept hotel, serviced residence and CanningHill Square, featuring F&B and retail shops, CanningHill Piers will epitomise what riverside city living is all about.

With rare dual frontage of both Singapore River and Fort Canning Hill, its unique location affords residents stunning views of the CBD and Marina Bay financial districts, a riverside promenade and access to two MRT lines at Fort Canning and Clarke Quay MRT Stations, and easy connectivity to the historic Fort Canning Park.

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新加坡河畔即将迎来一个大师级开发项目 – 康宁河湾(CanningHill Piers)。这个城市花园里的新标志,势必成为引人瞩目的热点!

由世界著名建筑事务所BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group设计的康宁河湾,坐落于前亮阁旧址上,毗邻生机勃勃的克拉码头。这个备受期待的重建计划将以标志性的综合开发项目再度亮相,为河滨生活树立新标杆。 康宁河湾由两座豪华公寓塔楼、一座新概念酒店、酒店式公寓,以及集餐饮与零售为特色的康宁坊(CanningHill Square)组成,体现河滨城市生活的全方位理念。


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Once, the highest natural point of the old port city and sacred site of regional royalty and later a military fort, Fort Canning Park has undergone delicate preservation and sensitive enhancements with family-friendly Jubilee Park and its play gardens, discovery rain gardens, see saw logs, trampolines and hillside slides.

In addition, the Foothills, an extension of Fort Canning Park, features F&B offering and flexible event spaces, adding even more vibrancy to this elevated green lung area.

Longer term considerations are also in the works to create a continuous hill-to-hill connection from Fort Canning Park to Pearl’s Hill City Park by Chinatown via the Singapore River.


福康宁公园曾经是旧港口城市的天然制高点及本区皇家圣地,还一度成为军事堡垒。经过一番精心维护及修复之后,现今的福康宁公园拥有适合一家大小的 Jubilee 公园及其游乐花园、Discovery Rain花园、木头翘翘板、蹦床及山坡滑梯。

此外,福康宁公园的延伸部分- Foothills,提供餐饮服务及可灵活运用的活动空间,为这片绿肺高地注入了更多活力。


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With so much to enjoy today and even more to look forward to, CanningHill Piers is the perfect nexus of hillside and riverfront living – and an exciting next chapter of the Singapore River story.

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